Therapist Spotlight- Shelise Williams


Shelise Williams, a Utah native, in 2012 earned a bachelor’s degree in Human Behavior with an emphasis in Psychology from Utah Valley University. As an undergraduate, she spent time working with youth and families helping them learn essential family skills, improving their familial relationships in the Strengthening Family’s Program. In 2013, she spent time mentoring and educating at-risk youth. In 2015, she and her husband moved to Singapore, working with and understanding diverse populations from all over the region.

Currently, she resides in Utah County and is in the Master of Marriage and Family Therapy program at Utah Valley University. She is working on research involving pornography, moral incongruence and shame. Her education and training in family, adolescents and cultural diversity has led her to understand the uniqueness that each individual brings to a couple and a family. Her hobbies include getting outside in the Utah mountains and experiencing new places and new recreational activities with her husband.

Shelise is a therapist at the Center for Couples and Families in Orem, Utah.

Shelise works with individuals, couples, and families. To find out more or book an appointment, contact us at 801 477 0041 or


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