Area of interests include:

  • Couple Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Discernment
  • Parenting

Brock W. Sumner, M.A. PhD Candidate MFT Intern

Brock Sumner is a Hoosier and grew up in Fort Wayne Indiana. Brock earned a B.S. from Ball State University in 2014 majoring in Psychology and minoring in Counseling and Sociology. After working and gaining insight into the power of his knowledge he knew he wanted to specialize in creating stronger relationships for couples and families. He earned his MA from Gonzaga University in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2016. He began doctoral studies in 2016 at Brigham Young University Studying Marriage and Family Therapy. While studying at BYU he discovered his passion for researching what makes a satisfying relationship for couples and is currently analyzing the role that recreation plays in couples lives. He will be completing his doctoral degree in April of 2020. Clinically, Brock has worked with couples and families in community mental health care, in-home, and outpatient settings. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, backpacking, and camping in the Wasatch and beyond.

  • (801) 610-9248